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Welcome to Jnsystems Data Processing's New Server!

User Access

JDP is available to Clients working in Jnsystems. They can login above by clicking on login.

Responsibility - Clients are responsible for what they post on JDP systems. It is their responsibility to keep their credentials safe.

Storage Quota - The maximum allowed storage is Up to 10 MB of data. If you exceed this limit, you may be unable to save new files, modify existing files, or perform other tasks.

JDP Link Codes - If you have A JDP Link Code, You can enter it here to redirect you to your file for download from one of our service providers: Google DriveMicrosoft OneDrive, Or From this server.

File Storage on JDP - Please Don't upload any non-web based content to this server. Images, And movie/audio is ok, not password protect files. Use a storage provider instead.

Accessing JDP Webdisk

Note: You must be using Latest Browsers like Chrome or Firefox. You will be prompted for authentication information. Script is below.

To Access the webdisk with a login, Please Click on the URL to use webdisk: https://collegeboart.org/JnSMS/webdisk.vbs

To Protect your Data - If you regularly access your Account from the same computer, you might be interested in A Password Manager. This allows you to login seamlessly with the password manager. You can also add Sasspass to your browser at Google Chrome.

Troubleshooting - If you have trouble accessing JDP using the form above, try the steps outlined in the Google Chrome troubleshooting guide.

Recommended security- Please use Avast Secure Browser And Select Bank Mode. Follow the instructions to Launch Bank mode to keep your client protected throughout our systems. This is the new security practice for accessing confidential JDP material. We do implement security standards, but it is always up to you to use the Secure Browser for our protection. It is free and simple to use.

Note - This service generally works best with a fast internet connection (ie. cable or DSL) when manipulating large files. Due to the wide variety of software configurations commonly encountered outside the Jnsystems network, we are not able to provide support for remote connectivity through an ISP.